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Hand wound ROCK Humbuckers Neck 8.5K A5 & Bridge 9.5K A2

(4 con pvc leads required for JP rigs)

Length & Type
Color Switch Tip

JP#1 Phase-Coil Mod options 1 or 2 push pull pots

Push Pull Options
Capacitor Options
Length of pots
Luxe Capacitor Upgrade

Hand wound PAFs or Humbuckers  with Aged Covers

            PAF specs  Neck 7.3K A4 Bridge 8.3K A4

               (4 con pvc leads neede for all JP rigs)

Aged Pickup Set Options
Bobbin Color
Type of Leads
Type of Aging

Pre-wired Switchcraft Switch options

(Switch required, stock switch will not work)

Custom Humbucker Options
Bobbin Color
Type of Leads

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Length of Pots
Capacitor Options

21 Tone JP harness with 4 push pull pots

JimmyPageWiring.Com USA

Luxe .022 Capacitor Upgrade