jonesyblues professional Grade Jimmy Page Wiring
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Premium 21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring Harness
Length of Pots
Capacitor Options
21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring with 4 push pull pots that gives you a hug variety of sounds including, split coil, out of phase, series out of phase, and much much more. Your Humbuckers need to have 4 conductor leads to be able to work with the 21 Tone JP wiring.

Pre-wired Switch & output jack sold separately and is recommended for easier trouble free installation. Your stock switch will not work with the 21 Tone JP wiring and will cause problems.

* 4 Quality Korean made 500K push pull pots with brass shafts and good internals
* 22 awg pvc coated wire pre-wired to make it even easier to install
* Your choice of .022 or .015 oil filled Tone caps
* Vintage 50's wiring to retain the highs as you roll back the volume
* Assembled with pride in the U.S.A.

Due to increased demand, Build times on my Jimmy Page rigs is running at least 2 weeks right now.

Pre-wired Switchcraft toggle switch & output jack

Type of Switch
Type of Wire
Switchcraft switch comes pre-wired and is recommended with your JP wiring as your stock switch may not work properly because of hos it;s wired and will cause problems. Choose type of switch from drop down menu.


Ab2-ove: NEW Easier to install Long shaft 21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring harness with 4 push pull pots


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